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NEW Mobile Intercom Connect Brings Versatility to Channel Vision Telephone Entry

Costa Mesa – Feb. 24, 2015 – Channel Vision, a leading provider of technology for Inside the Well-Connected Home™, announced its latest addition to the Telephone Entry product line—the Mobile    Intercom Connect. This system will forward a call from a Channel Vision Door station to a cell phone or land line, as well as activate the door strike remotely through the phone.

“Mobile Intercom Connect brings unprecedented versatility and mobility to Channel Vision Telephone Intercom products,” stated President and CEO Darrel Hauk. “Our telephone entry controllers have been extremely successful among dealers and distributors. With the release of this new system, dealers and distributors will be able to drive sales with those clients that already use the existing telephone entry products. We are excited to manufacture an increased level of security and convenience in Telephone Entry for homeowners.”

Mobile Intercom Connect enables homeowners to forward front door intercom communication to their cell phone or a land line. The system features 2 way communications to the front door to allow users to speak to visitors and unlock the door with the push of a button. The Mobile Intercom Connect is also equipped with built-in surge suppression that protects your entire front entry system from voltage and lightning strikes. This system also gives homeowners the ability to appear as if they are home by speaking through the intercom from another phone in the case of potential intruders approaching their front doors.  Mobile Intercom Connect is compatible with Channel Vision’s P-0920 or P-0921 Telephone Entry Intercoms. Installing and programming the system can be completed in a few simple steps.

Mobile Intercom Connect is slated for release in March 2015. To pre-order the P-0922 Mobile Intercom Connect System, contact a customer service representative at 714.424.6500 or toll free at 800.840.0288. Existing customers can login to Channel Vision’s website and fill out a short form to place an order.

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Channel Vision is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products for Inside the Well Connected Home.   The Company’s broad-range of solutions are designed to provide lifestyle enhancements for residents, while equipping homes for greater safety, convenience and entertainment.  Channel Vision is proud to provide high quality, dependable products that are backed by its 5 Star Program, one of the finest customer service programs in the industry. The program includes: Free Panel Design & Layout; Customized Manufacturing; Free CEDIA, BICSI and NBFFA Approved Training Classes, 2/10/20 Warranties and 24/7/365 Technical Support. For more information on Channel Vision’s family of products, call 800.840.0288.

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