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We are looking at ordering the IU intercom units. I had a question about compatibility. We are looking to order a basic intercom system that can hook up to a unit owner’s person phone, in this case would we go with the channel vision compatible unit? In addition, we have one unit own that uses a Panasonic KX-DT343 phone, in this scenario would it be best to order a Panasonic compatible unit or will the Panasonic phone work with the Channel Vision compatible unit?

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In regards to your first question yes, the basic intercom system with normal phones is compatible with Channel Visions telephone entry controllers, such as the TE-111, P-0920, and P-0921. In regards to your 2nd question, you are also correct. Panasonic phone systems usually have their own controller unit that interfaces with the door station. In this scenario you would be interfacing the Panasonic compatible door station directly with the Panasonic controller. To clarify when we say a Panasonic phone system we are not referring to normal Panasonic cordless phones you pick up at your neighborhood electronics store, those standard types of phones would be incorporated with the basic intercom and Channel Vision controller. Panasonic phone systems tend to have advanced options and a controller box of their own outside of the phone hub, often referred to as a KSU.

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