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I am about to send in a P-1014 for RMA (that is another topic that has already been addressed) but I have noticed that when my hub is disconnected from my WA-351, I can no longer use the local IR link on the WA-351 (I have a sensor connected) to adjust volume or change settings. This seems somewhat inconvenient since my hub is likely to be gone for a while – is it possible that jumping specific CAT5 wires or some other measure would make it possible for my WA-351s to work while I’m without a hub?

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We will work to complete your RMA as quickly as possible once it is received so you are not without your hub for too long, but unfortunately no you will not be able to use the IR repeating function in the mean time. All IR repeating systems require 3 components, a receiver, a hub, and an emitter. By removing the P-1014 from the equation you are essentially removing the IR hub, which is the primary component used to route an IR input signal and redistribute as an IR output signal.

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