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I’m trying to connect a new TE-111 system to an existing DP-0252 doorbell. With all wires connected as instructed I’m getting dial tone in my phones but nothing is happening when i press the doorbell. How can I diagnose this problem to understand which device (if any) is defective? Note: I’m getting power into the doorbell and I’ve tried reconnecting all the connections.

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Connect a butt set or test phone, use a test wire and short the intercom terminal on the TE-111. Does this activate the phones? If the phones do not activate from here there may be an issue with the controller. If the phones activate when this is done, next test again with your original phones? Do the phones ring? If not there may be a phone compatibilty issue. If original phones activate, next test would be to take the DP doorplate with the board attached and bypass the wiring from the front door to the controller. Take separate wires, connect the plate in the same room as the controller, do the phones ring when the button is pressed? If system activates and functions there may be an issue with the wiring between the controller and the intercom. If the phoens do not ring issue may lie with the companion board in the door station. Please contact Channel Vision directly for further technical support at (800) 840-0288 option 2.

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