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I just purchased a WA-321 and a WA-360, have not been able to get the PWR/LNK LED to turn orange. On the 321 both dip switches are set to 1 & 2 pins. Are these two not compatible or am I doing something wrong?

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The WA-321 is not compatible with the WA-360. If you are simply attempting to do single point-to-point audio, you need to replace your WA-321 with a WA-320. The WA-320 and WA-360 are designed to be used together. If you are attempting to do a point-to-many or multiple areas, you will need to replace the WA-360 with a WA-361. With this system you can add multiple WA-361′s and just use one WA-321. The wireless chip set is different in these two systems since one is an auto-linking system (WA-321/WA-361) and the other is a manual linking system (WA-320/WA-360).

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