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I just purchased a condo that came with the cc-272. I’m interested in using it, but need some instructions. Where can I find some? Particularly, I see where I plug in my speakers to the wall plate, but I do not see how I hook up a source.

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The CC-272 is a wall insert that essentially allows an access point between your 7.1/7.2 A/V Receiver and the speaker wiring. The common application is to have each of your speaker wires ran from the speaker location, through the wall, and then attaching to the back of the CC-272 (allowing you to basically hide your speaker wires in the wall to run to a centralized location). You can then use a Banana plug such as a J-BPB or J-BPR to terminate your speaker wire on the front, plugging directly into the front of the CC-272. You would then connect to your speaker ports on your A/V receiver. There is no source input, this part is used solely for wire termination. Your A/V receiver in this scenario is the source, and it would have it’s own source inputs for HDMI, Composite, Component, or even optical Audio and Video sources. There are no instruction manuals or guides for this product available.

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