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Hi, I have the IR 5000 setup and it’s been working for fine for a a while. The Miniature Remote Head IR Receiver is mounted on the center of the TV and works well when I sit directly on front of the TV. However, if I’m off to the side a little it doesn’t pick up my remote. I have to try several positions before it works. Is there a way to get better range or don’t have to be directly in front of the TV? Anything I can buy or change that will help?

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In the IR-2400 instruction manual on the front page, there is a section entitled “Directivity of IR Sensor” which talks about this exact functionality. In summary there is a loss in signal for every 10 degree change in either direction, so the more angled the signal is, the closer you must be to the receiver for it to sense. Please see this link for a more in depth¬†explanation of this . If¬†you have not already, you may also try changing out the batteries, as the signal also degrades as the battery life decreases.

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