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Hi, I have 2 different PC’s that I need to play a .IRF file on. I am using your Channel Vision IRF DVR-x3G File Player on both PC’s however on one it will not play. What are some common issues? Ideas? I used your H.264 codec link and installed, but it’s still the same issue. Both PC’s are running Intel core I5 CPU’s, could the graphics card, or motherboard chipset be an issue?

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Unless the computers have identical hardware (chipset, graphics card, processor, etc.) one cannot be used as a direct comparison of success over the other. However, it is possible the computer experiencing issues with the program does not have the graphics to adequately run the program. Is there another computer you have of equal or lesser graphics processing that you can use as a test to download and run the program? If so you can try that, or clearing the program, re-downloading and re-installing on the computer experiencing the issue. If this still does not work, you can try downloading the IRF file converter from the Channel Vision website and converting the file to AVI instead and try playing on a media player such as Windows Media Player, or VLC Media Player (recommended).

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