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Telephone Entry

I’ve installed the P-0920 device and everything works except the 2-way conversation. I can hear the folks at the door however I cannot speak back to them after picking up the phone (they do not hear me). Please let me know if there is something with the setup that I missed.

Asked By – On September 20, 2013 – With Comments Off

First check all connections and verify there is not a short in any of the lines from the P-0920 to the intercom station. Next consult your instruction manual and verify that all wires are properly connected and firmly seated in each terminal on the companion board of the front door intercom. Check the speaker connection ...

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When the P-0920 is in “No CO” mode will it still ring the phones and act as a two way intercom?

Asked By – On September 17, 2013 – With Comments Off

Yes, when ”No CO” mode is activated on the P-0920/P-0921, the door station can still ring the phones and activate the two way intercom.

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