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Is there a way to control a single device from multiple locations using IR? Or do i have to buy multiple IR-5010 kits?

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You would only need to purchase one IR-5010 kit, and then purchase additional IR-2400 receivers for the extra rooms you want to control from. Then purchase our C-1201 IR distribution module which allows up to 8 IR recievers to distribute to a single IR hub. You will need to purchase a higher milliamp power supply ...

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Can the IR-4000 IR Over Coax Kit be used with coax cable feeding the input of a DirecTV receiver? Do the devices pass DC voltage?

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The IR-4500 IR over Coax Kit can not be used with Satellite or Component video signals. You can only pass the IR over Antenna, Cable, or a Modulated signal. The IR-4000 is a powered component, therefore it is putting 8-12V of DC voltage onto the line.

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Is there any way to expand the number of units I can control with the IR-4500 kit? Right now there is only one input for one dual head emitter, limiting me to 2 units.

Asked By – On February 27, 2014 – With Comments Off

Yes there is a way to expand the system to control more than 2 units. You would need to purchase an IR-4180 IR repeater bypass cable, an IR-1203 amplified IR hub, and any extra IR-3002 dual head emitters depending on the number of devices you are attempting to control. You would plug the IR-4180 into ...

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Hi, I have the IR 5000 setup and it’s been working for fine for a a while. The Miniature Remote Head IR Receiver is mounted on the center of the TV and works well when I sit directly on front of the TV. However, if I’m off to the side a little it doesn’t pick up my remote. I have to try several positions before it works. Is there a way to get better range or don’t have to be directly in front of the TV? Anything I can buy or change that will help?

Asked By – On January 13, 2014 – With Comments Off

In the IR-2400 instruction manual on the front page, there is a section entitled “Directivity of IR Sensor” which talks about this exact functionality. In summary there is a loss in signal for every 10 degree change in either direction, so the more angled the signal is, the closer you must be to the receiver ...

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Hi, I’m using the Aria 1260, A4603 matrix, 6 zones controlled by 6 A0127 switches. In my bedroom I have 2 A0127 in a single gang box, 1 controlling the bedroom zone and 1 controlling the washroom. Placing the washroom control in the washroom would be a difficult run as well as placement, The current configuration is the most convenient. My problem is that when I use my Bell Fibe remote to be repeated in the equipment closet where the tuner resides, it only works if I unplug one of the A0127 from the A4603. When both are connected the remote does not work.

Asked By – On January 07, 2014 – With Comments Off

What may be happening is because the two volume/source controls are right next to each other, the IR command is being sent through both units simultaneously, therefore confusing the matrix controller as to which to respond to, and so may not be responding to either. This would make sense since you stated that once you disconnect ...

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What IR frequency range is supported on the P-1205?

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What is the maximum number of IR emitters I can use on the P-1205?

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16 total.

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I am about to send in a P-1014 for RMA (that is another topic that has already been addressed) but I have noticed that when my hub is disconnected from my WA-351, I can no longer use the local IR link on the WA-351 (I have a sensor connected) to adjust volume or change settings. This seems somewhat inconvenient since my hub is likely to be gone for a while – is it possible that jumping specific CAT5 wires or some other measure would make it possible for my WA-351s to work while I’m without a hub?

Asked By – On December 16, 2013 – With Comments Off

We will work to complete your RMA as quickly as possible once it is received so you are not without your hub for too long, but unfortunately no you will not be able to use the IR repeating function in the mean time. All IR repeating systems require 3 components, a receiver, a hub, and an ...

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